This website shows my work from autumn 2016 to June 2017. The book that gave its name to this webcomic, Nightmare Scenarios, still seems a big project. It came out of a drawing exercise: I saw a man on the local overground straphanging, and I wanted to draw him and get it to look like a man doing that. I thought it not bad for a first attempt and decided a couple of weeks later to draw another man hailing a bus, while escaping from hospital. Once I’d finished that I had a theme: men and women in mental-health crisis. The third one came from a TV show about a woman with body dysmorphia, and I was off and running.

Since I finished I’ve got some positive feedback from family, friends, service users and staff about the scenarios depicted. People seem to think they are true to life, which is all that I wanted. Damaged people about to burst live all around us, and for anyone who has been on the edge like that, these times are always very memorable, when they faced a kind of truth about themselves and their relationships. Sometimes the contradictions in our lives overwhelm us.

I am now working on the follow up the Nightmare Scenarios, which is to be called Schizoaffective Days, a proper comic book, and I will be posting the first story in that in a couple of weeks. So please come back.

If you are interested in buying a copy of Nightmare Scenarios I’ve got a few left. The cost is £6 per book plus postage and packing which is another £2 in the UK, which makes £8. If you live outside the UK we can work something out. Either way, please let me know via the Contact Us page.